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(100PCS/lot)frequecny 125KHZ T5557 card / T5567 / T5577 Blank C
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 12 July, 2021.
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Product Description



This order

100pcs T5557 white cards.

if need printting , please tell seller. need Increas cost.


T5557 Card / T5567 card / T5577 card:
Operating frequency: 125KHZ
Storage capacity: 330bits, 10 partitions, 8-bit code
Reading distance :3-10CM
Endurance: greater than 10 million times
Data retention: 10 years
Size: ISO standard card is 85.5 × 54 × 0.80 +-0.04/ thick card, 85.6 × 54 × 1.80MM / Shaped Card / Yuan currency card
Packaging materials: PVC. ABS

If need T5557 writer(copier),+$19.99

Applications: Induction smart lock, business card systems, access control, access systems, etc.IC-2

Design Tips:

1) coding: can a draw code, Coding, small convex code, large convex codes. Size of the code can be convex or silver hot stamping. Note that code can not be vertical convex, convex non-standard cards can not play yards, Matt Card (matte card) can not play ping code.

2) If you need to silk screen printing gold at the end or the end of your special instructions of silver, if not specified, we can only color of direct printing according to the design.

3) Card thickness: If not specified, we shall be printed standard thickness (0.76mm).

4) because every time there is a certain color of printing. If there are sample cards, sample cards will be based, like card printing color as close as possible, but it can not reach 100%. If a customer color requirements are very strict, the number of cards and relatively large in the case of delivery should be allowed to confirm the first hit coated printing results. Less single (10,000 or less) is a make-up in print, in color, 90% or less as normal.

5) card out of the final print color effect with the color of the effect of computer monitors point of view there are some differences, even if the same design point of manuscripts in different display effect will be different {for example, liquid crystal display (LCD) on see and in the general display (CRT) point of view to be different.

6) an additional non-standard card, a model, a longer duration and are subject to mold fee.

7) code can not erect play convex (ie convex code can not be parallel to the short side with the card, only with the long edge parallel).

8) IC (ID) cards have to say what kind of chips (chip type), card thickness (thickness of thin card, thick card card), to white card or finished card (including printing) and so on.

9) Matt (Matte), plus laser, with a transparent material, plus cost of packaging bags are subject to the next one should be specified.

10) PVC card design dimensions 88.5mm × 57 mm (including bleed), finished size is 85.5mm × 54 mm.

11) file format for CORLDRAW (*. cdr), PHOTOSHOP (*. psd layers need not merge the files before), Illustrato (*. ai) r.


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